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10 Cool Things To Buy If You Really Love Donald Trump Collectibles

Check out these 10 cool Donald Trump Collectibles! It’s everything a real Trump fan needs to have in their collection.

These are the best Pro Donald Trump Collectibles on Amazon right now! We searched all over Amazon to find the best selection of pro Donald Trump collectibles, Gag Gifts and Memorabilia. Here are our 10 favorite items.

maga hat

1. This iconic MAGA Hat that triggers liberals on site!

President Trump has turned this embroidered baseball cap into the ultimate conservative fashion statement.

trump tank shirt

2. Trump T-Shirts!

There are thousands of Trump T-shirts on amazon. Shop high quality Donald Trump T-Shirts. Check out these great designs and styles for Men, Women, Kids, Babies, and even Dog Trump T-Shirts!

trump 100 wallet

3. Trump $100 Wallet

Stash your cash like a true billionaire with this Trump Hundred Dollar Bill Wallet! Whether you’re as rich as the president or simply want to be, this durable wallet is made of durable fabric, this one pocket wallet displays a $100 bill with the face of Donald Trump on it.

trump pool inflatable

4. The Donald Trump Presidential Inflatable Pool Float

Enjoy the pool party with family and friends on the water with this Presidential Donald Trump Inflatable! Fun and affordable Trump party tube. Be sure to get some awesome pictures to post on your social media accounts this summer! Great accessory for the pool, lake, river or ocean. Provides families and friends with hours of wet fun in the sun. Take a big bite out of summer fun with this Trump Pool Inflatable.

trump book

5. The book that teaches you how to negotiate from strength

Donald Trump’s first book, a 13-week New York Times best-seller, contains advice about business and life.

President Donald J. Trump lays out his professional and personal worldview in this classic work, a firsthand account of the rise of America’s foremost deal maker.

trump chia pet

6. The Trump Chia Pet.

This Chia Pet is for anyone who loves Trump so much you want to grow your own! It’s the perfect choice for replacing that old Obama Chia Pet. Everything you need in one kit. Includes a unique pottery planter, convenient plastic drip tray and chia seed packets for 3 plantings.

liberal tears ceramic mug

7. Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug.

This Liberal Tears Ceramic Mug satirically shows a sad little liberal soul, crying and throwing a fit, with a safety pin perfectly placed in her protest cat hat. Made of stoneware, the coffee mug holds 15 oz of coffee, tea or steaming hot liberal tears. It’s smooth, molded, glossy exterior has a nice, large and easy comfort grip handle. It’s not one of those silly one or two finger handles, you can get your whole hand through there! This Starbucks spoof is a great mug for holding your morning covfefe.

Trump life size cutout

8. Donald Trump Life Size Cardboard Cutout.

Are you looking for a political remembrance that will be talked about forever? Then you are in the right place. This Donald Trump standout is made to be used for showing support and cracking jokes.

It will start conversations with your neighbors and allow you to be unique. This 6 foot life size cardboard cutout is made tough and will not be easily bent. Give it to your liberal friends or parents on fathers/mothers day or leave it in your front yard.

Great photo op to post on your social media accounts or take it to the local political rally, event, party, festival or fair. In any type of activity, this cutout will lead to funny memories that will last forever.

trump socks

9. Donald Trump Republican Crew Socks.

These patriotic socks are for when you want to make a statement! These acrylic-blend socks show off your pride in 45  and keep your toes warm at the same time. Available in medium and large sizes. Red Lion Donald Trump Republican Crew Socks.

trump magic eight ball

10. Classic Magic Trump 8 Ball .

This Magic 8-Ball that’s like having a direct line to the Oval Office. Unsure of your next move? Just ask the magic commander in chief. When you’re feeling stumped, just ask Trump! This hilarious take on the classic magic 8 ball allows you to get presidential advice to answer your most burning questions! Simply ask the ball any yes or no question, give a little shake, and look at the window on the back. An answer will magically appear, the BEST answer. The 20 potential answers on this presidential 8-ball include “Don’t be an idiot.” and “Do it. I’ll pay the legal fees.

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  1. Hey love your site, yeah Im a Trump Fan too! Do you have a Facebook page? How about adding a section for the libbies?

    1. Thanks for the note. We will consider adding a section for the Bernie Bro’s, maybe a section for Lunch Box Joe too! Any more suggestions for categories just drop us a comment.

      Trump Collectibles Admin

  2. Love those trump 2020 socks. Will pick up a pair for my dad who is a big trump fan. Great site, keep up the good work for the trumpers.

  3. Great list of Trump Gifts. I’m sure I can find something great for my dad on Fathers Day. Gonna get a pair of the socks for myself!

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