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QAnon: The Battle for Earth and Our Souls: The Awakening Begins Price: $14.95 $12.99 (as of 05/29/2020 05:05 PST- Details)



People have been calling the QAnon Phenomenon the conspiracy theory of the year. The story behind the movement has all the elements of a good James Bond movie. There’s a secret society of influential people hell-bent on wreaking havoc and doing everything to keep the people in the government from doing their jobs.

There is the benevolent leader who, despite all the adversaries, is still fighting to rid the world of said nefarious group. And then there is the anonymous contact to the outside world, QAnon. He is the insider who lets others know what is happening. But this is not a spy movie.

There are some real-world consequences to the things that are happening between these factions. This audiobook will let you see both sides of the battling groups. If you have heard of the QAnon movement and want to learn more about this growing phenomenon, this audiobook is for you.

This audiobook, QAnon: The Battle for Earth and Our Souls, will give you an introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon. We will take a look at:

  • What deep state is in the context of the US
  • Who are the key players in this ongoing battle between the government and the secret cabal of evil entities?
  • Who is QAnon?
  • What are the clues the QAnon left us and what they could possibly mean?
  • How this QAnon movement has affected the world

If you, like thousands of other people who want to understand what is truly happening in the world, want to delve deeper into the history and workings of the movement and desire to explore the possibilities that we may have been fooled by an all-powerful entity into believing the truths they manufactured, then you have to get this book as soon as possible.

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