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Scare Your Liberal Friends with a Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit

Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit

Donald Trump Bathing Suits

So you thought you were ready for the beach this summer right? Been working out and watching what you eat, now your ready for two weeks on the sand. Well your just not truly ready until you own this swimsuit. This “Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit” is guaranteed to scare and offend most everyone, especially your liberal friends and family!

It won’t matter if your at the beach or the pool this summer, Trumps gaping pie-hole of a mouth says it all. His eyes line up just perfectly with a woman’s upper anatomy as well! If your looking for attention this summer then the “Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit” is a MUST HAVE, if you have the moxy to wear it!

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  1. I know a few ladies that would have the guts to wear one of these in public, but dang that’s a ugly bathing suit.

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